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The Golden Tree (guardians Of Ga'hoole, Book 12)

Rating 4
Golden Tree


MPN: 9780439888066
ISBN: 0439888069
Author: Kathryn Lasky

Brief summary:

The golden age which is expected from the Great Ga'Hoole Tree turns gradually worse as the owls' young king hunts for the truth about his ancestry.
Let me share with you a great book entitled The Golden Tree (guardians Of Ga'hoole, Book 12) . The author is Kathryn Lasky and it was published around March of 2007 by Scholastic. The children books is centered on Owls and it is deemed exceptional juvenile fiction. The teen book is 192 pages long and it is full of black & white artwork. Apple series, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

Immediately following the time in the legends, the tale with the Guardians returns for the present in which Soren, the hero of Books 1-6, need to train a new king. Soren and the Band comply with their new king to strange parts to guard him from the consequences of his obsession. All seems well, but beneath the prosperity of peace Coryn is tortured by the suspicion that his evil mother, Nyra, is a hagsfiend and that his personal blood carries the haggish taint. Old friends, new adventures! He wanders afar searching for the truth from hagsfiends themselves - putting the Great Tree in danger. Coryn, Soren, along with all the Band preside more than a new Golden Age of the Great Tree under the subtle influence of the Ember.


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