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The Great Owls (educational Workbook Series)

Great Owls4 Star Rating
Great Owls
" Great Owls " Is A Terrific Kids Book

You've got to pick up a copy of Great Owls a fantastic book written by William & Sharon Woodford. Written by William & Sharon Woodford and the publisher is The Precious Child, Inc. The became available in July of 2013. The book is 68 pages long, add to cart by selecting the link below.

great owls educational workbook series love

Price: $21.95
Brand: The Precious Child, Inc
ISBN: 0985906502
Author: William & Sharon Woodford

Love to Learn about the Great Owls will likely be the first inside a series of nature/animal study workbooks. Also, included is an identification guide of the 19 North America owls and the largest owl of the world: the Eurasian Eagle Owl. This series will go a great way in curing N. D. D syndrome (Nature Deficit Disorder) This lovely book is just right for the young elementary school child and equally suitable to Middle School and adult nature seekers. The final section from the book is a fun Activities and Crafts area including a section on Drawing the Owl. Its purpose would be to educate the young student with owl facts and fun, inviting crafts and activities created to open windows to the all-natural world about him. In this book, the owl and its unique place inside the planet is presented. This book is genuinely a unique, captivating presentation, providing broad coverage through colorful bite-sized chunks of data. The subjects covered include"The Night Raptor", stealth and silent flight, the exceptional sight and hearing capabilities, hunting strategies, killing talons, nesting and more.


  • Number of Pages: 68
  • Package: Height: 0.25" Length: 12" Width: 9"
  • Package: 1 lbs.

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