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The River Of Wind (guardians Of Gahoole, Book 13)

Rating 4
River Of Wind


MPN: 9780439888073
ISBN: 0439888077
Author: Kathryn Lasky

While Coryn and his companions journey to a wintery realm where mysterious owls live, the king becomes the target of an assassination plot and it is up to Primrose and Eglantine to save him.
The River Of Wind (guardians Of Gahoole, Book 13) is a must own kids book. Written by Kathryn Lasky and it was published sometime in 2007 by Scholastic. The book talks about Owls as well as Fantasy and Conspiracies and it is regarded as a very good juvenile fiction. At the library the reference number is PZ7.L3274 Ri 2007. The kids book is 202 pages long and it consists of black and white pictures. To find the best deal for a copy on this book together with other items, click on our store button.

The adventure continues! In a land no owl knew existed, Soren, Coryn, and also the Guardians find danger, knowledge, and new allies. Coryn along with the chaw of chaws set off to find this unknown land. Coryn and the Band have returned for the Great Ga'Hoole Tree and restored order. With the Ember safely hidden away, the tree shakes off its gaudy golden glow and recovers its natural majesty. Meanwhile, deep inside the Palace of Mists, Bess finds an ancient map fragment that reveals that you'll find not 5 owl kingdoms -- as has been thought given that time immemorial -- but 6. In a landscape of perpetual winter, they discover a monastery of serene, learned owls, the likes of which no one specific has ever seen before.


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